Stories from the weave studio – July

In search of three dimensionality

Malham cove 3d weave full piece

The schools have broken up for summer and I’ve tidied the studio; the loom sits quietly with the existing warp waiting for progress to continue in September. For now, I have time to consider what to do with it next. I have some ideas which I’ll keep stored up, ready to try out in a few weeks’ time. Sometimes it’s good to step back and review, taking time to digest what I’ve already done and see where it takes me.

Developing structural woven pieces

When I graduated in 2004, my artist statement read that I wanted to take woven textiles out of two dimensions and into three. This can either be achieved with weave structures such as waffle weave, which I use frequently, or by working in layers, or by manipulating the fabric after it’s been woven. My most recent pieces to come off the loom use additional woven pieces incorporated into the warp on the loom, interweaving one warp with another. Also, sections of warp are left hanging free and then incorporated into the weft further along the piece. Using a vintage OS map of the Pennine Way, Yorkshire, I’ve played with these ideas, and by hanging the work horizontally, have come up with a very sculptural piece shown below.

Next season’s scarves: a new collection

The beautiful pebbles beachcombed from Gylen beach on Kerrera, a small island near Oban on the west coast of Scotland, have provided inspiration for my most recent collection of scarves, ready for the autumn when the cooler weather arrives.

Beginning with sketches exploring the forms, textures and colours, I’ve taken these findings onto the loom. I love to work with wool. Its elasticity makes it easy to tension on the loom and its environmental and sustainable properties are unmatched. I’ve used alpaca and organic wool from Echos together with merino lambswool, and for the warp have selected other yarns from my collection accumulated over the years, including wool, linen, cotton and silk, as well as small amounts of synthetic yarn, to weave four completely unique scarves. The colours are muted greys, blues and soft browns, with pops of ochre and rusty earth colours, echoing the smooth steely blue greys of the pebbles and bleached driftwood.

Graduation show 2022: KABK

I always try to visit the graduation show at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague. It’s where I studied and graduated from and always a real trip down memory lane. The students and staff may have changed, but much of the equipment in the textile department remains the same, and it still smells the same… especially the drawing room where I showed my final collection. A mixture of paint, wood and charcoal dust. Of course it’s fascinating and inspirational to see the new work from the artists and designers. As well as visiting the textiles department, I like to explore the fine art, photography and graphics departments. Below are a few of the highlights for me, works that especially caught my eye.

More experiments in three dimensions

Weaving into three dimensions by adding layers and extra warp sections plays a part in my current experimental work, and a sample piece is shown below left. However, I’ve also been taking existing ‘flat’ work and playing with different ways of hanging so as to give it dimensionality: materiality and dimensionality are becoming increasingly important in my work… something to consider when I return to work in September.

Until next time…

Thank you for reading this far, and for your interest and support! I hope to see you again for my next blog in August. If you’d like to see more of my work and inspirations, I post regularly on Instagram @veronicapock and my work is available online at LiminalWEAVE on Etsy.

Currently on the loom mixed warp and cassette tape
Work on the loom… waiting for my return after the summer break

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