Veronica Pock | handwoven textiles

  • zeven x weven exhibition pieces hanging
  • into the blue sample weaves
  • Locally sourced wool cushion and work on the loom
  • Handwoven scarves inspired by local landscape
  • Vintage map woven wallhanging and detail of map
  • Vintage map woven wallhanging and work on the loom
  • Handwoven vintage newspaper and interior showing woven wallhanging
  • Handwoven linen and lambswool scarf and woven wall art
  • Local wool cushion and paper woven wallhangings
  • Handwoven paper wallhangings and wall art
  • Handwoven paper (detail) and woven wallhanging with mixed media art
  • Linen and sustainable wool scarves
  • Woven wall art and linen and lambswool scarf
Individually unique scarves, cushions and woven art made using traditional techniques and thoughtful sourcing of materials: all woven by hand in my studio in The Hague

As our world becomes increasingly uniform through mass production, it is important to me that I weave every item myself, bringing individuality and a personal handwriting to the textiles I create. Connecting with the material and process through a measured way of working and a deep respect for the materials, I fuse colour, texture and pattern in an articulation of artistic expression. The resulting woven products, scarves, home accessories and art pieces, have integrity and honesty, depth and character.

I believe that textiles have a permanence and meaning in peoples’ lives, carrying memories and traditions

I hope that my woven pieces will speak to people and become a treasured belonging, something to keep and wear or use time and time again, year after year. A scarf that is worn on that special trip to the windswept beach; a cushion that brings comfort on a rainy day; a piece of art to bring stillness and contemplation. A thing of beauty and functionality. It’s a privilege to think that my textile might be a part of your story.

You can read more about the making of my textiles, the inspiration, process and craftsmanship that goes into their making, in my About section. My work is for sale in my shop at LiminalWEAVE and you can contact me directly to order or commission a piece. I would love to hear from you.


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“A really very beautiful scarf with an extraordinary color combination. It is comfortable to wear, feels warm, soft and of high quality. The packaging was also very lovingly designed. Thank you for this wonderful piece of textile art!!”

“Veronica is a master weaver. It is an honor and a privilege to have been able to have one of her pieces with me.”

“I love the combination of warm and cool colors in the beautiful handwoven scarf! Veronica even sent a picture of the autumnal woods that inspired her choices. The artist in me loves that, and I will delight in wearing this great scarf. Thank you!”

“such stunning and soulful work made and packaged with love, an example of the kind of art that was common on [Etsy] a long time ago”

“Absolutely stunning! Veronica weaves masterpieces. This beauty arrived from The Hague more quickly than orders from the U.S.
Veronica sent me a photo of the lovely woods and water near her home, from which come her inspiration; because I am not creative, this extra was greatly appreciated.
Am so happy I live in winter to enjoy such luxuries. A+++++”

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