Veronica Pock handwoven textiles

Individually unique scarves, cushions, accessories and woven art made using traditional techniques and thoughtful sourcing of materials: all woven by hand in my studio in The Hague

Textiles have a permanence, carrying peoples’ memories

I make contemporary woven heirloom textiles rich in texture and colour, combining the ancient craft of weaving with a modern approach from an artist’s perspective. Painting abstract pictures with yarns, I seek to capture the memory of a place, an atmosphere, or a feeling through colour and pattern. The resulting textiles are made into unique scarves, cushions, or woven wall art.

I hope that my woven pieces will speak to people and become a treasured belonging, something to keep and wear or use time and time again, year after year. A scarf that is worn on that special trip to the windswept beach; a baby blanket that will be passed down through the generations; a cushion that brings comfort on a rainy day. A thing of beauty and functionality. It’s a privilege to think that my textile might be a part of your story.

You can read more about the making of my textiles, the inspiration, process and craftsmanship that goes into their making, in my About section.

You can find my work for sale in my shop at VeronicaWEAVES and you can contact me directly to order or commission a piece. I would love to hear from you.

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