Handwoven scarves

Unique scarves rich in colour and texture are woven by hand in soft lambswool, cotton, linen and silk, sometimes with synthetic yarns to add some sparkle. They are available to buy at VeronicaWEAVES. Provenance and a thoughtful choice of materials are at the heart of my work; I use predominantly natural materials and mill-end yarns that are excess to the textile industry.

Seeking to capture a memory, a moment in time, in texture and colour, I first develop the work on paper, then as a weave pattern, selecting colours and textures of yarn, and finally weave the piece by hand in my weaving studio. Each item takes up to two weeks to complete, excluding the design process.

As well as working on my own designs, I love to work on commissions. Please contact me for further information.

Handwoven designs and their inspiration

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