Stories from the weave studio – April

April skies

April skies

I was struck by the evening sky just a few weeks ago. Heralding a change in the weather, the mackerel cloud formations are juxtaposed against the manmade vapour trails that traverse the skies. Clouds on many levels, interacting and combining. Mackerel cloud formations are caused by moisture in the mid levels that get trapped between dry air at the surface and dry cold air in high levels of in the atmosphere. The wind and gravity cause the rippled effect, but how much, I wonder, is caused by the passing aircraft. According to weather lore, mackerel skies are a sign of changeable weather, examples include “Mackerel sky, mackerel sky. Never long wet and never long dry”. I love these old folklore rhymes that so often ring true. We were in fact heading for a long period warm sunny days, for some of which I was lucky enough to have holiday, although the first weeks of the month were busy finishing weaving scarves and setting up work at the ‘Zeven x weven’ exhibition.

Exhibition: Zeven x weven

Mid-April saw the opening of the exhibition ‘Zeven x weven’ [Seven x weaving] at the Katoendrukkerij in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. The preparation of the exhibition was very rewarding, despite having to negotiate ladders to reach the high ceilings of the exhibition rooms, and it was a real sense of achievement to see the works of the seven different artists and weavers come together in the space, complementing and contrasting with each other. Seven contemporary weavers working in The Netherlands brought together through the vision of Nathalie Cassée, who is the mastermind behind the now thriving Katoendrukkerij, a cultural organisation that promotes the craft of cotton printing in the historic national monument De Volmolen (a former fulling mill where woollen cloth was thickened and cleansed from oil, dirt and other impurities by beating in water). If you are able to, this beautiful building is definitely worth a visit. The work of myself, Daisy van Groningen (guest curator), Theo RoodenChristiane MaurerMirjam HagoortBabs van den Thillart and Marieke Kranenburg will be on display there until 10th July. Please do check the website of the Katoendrukkerij for opening times if you are planning a visit.

Above you can see my wall hangings that will be on show during the exhibition. The two pieces on the left are entitled “Into the blue I” and “Into the blue II”, and on the right is “Compilation IV”. All of the pieces use repurposed unwanted materials such as vintage papers that I have painted and printed. “Compilation IV” uses cassette tape in the weft. My work explores the idea of memory: how memories are made and remembered; how memory is stored and how certain things, such as music, can bring to mind a specific moment in time. The woven cassette tape has music caught in its very fabric, and anyone who has ever made a compilation tape of their favourite songs will identify with the meaning of this piece. Keep an eye on my Instagram for more images of the exhibition.

Original woven artwork for sale

All of the pieces for the ‘Zeven x weven’ exhibition were a culmination of several months work, of experimentation on the loom and testing out different materials. Some of the samples are now available in my online store LiminalWEAVE.

New scarves for spring in lambswool, British wool, linen, hemp and silk

During the ‘Zeven x weven’ exhibition, a selection of my handwoven scarves will be for sale at the Katoendrukkerij in Amersfoort. Using hemp and linen in the warp combined with Merino lambswool or a British wool from Uppingham Yarns and Shantung silk, these scarves are light weight with a fairly open weave which makes them perfect for the unpredictable spring weather. Some similar scarves are available now in my online store LiminalWEAVE.

Gallery visits

In April I visited two inspiring exhibitions: one at Beelden aan Zee, located very close to the sea front at Scheveningen beach. Who doesn’t want to combine a trip to the beach with a gallery visit? (Well maybe my kids who I took along…). As well as the permanent collection, the gallery is currently host to work by the Dutch artist Mark Brusse entitled ‘Shapes of Silence’. Brusse’s work explores death and decay, and their place in western culture. His work has often been called poetic, and his visits to Japan have had a lasting influence. ‘Shapes of Silence’ is very representative of his three-dimensional work, assemblages of wood, ceramics and stone.

Morten Løbner Espersen, the Danish ceramicist, is currently exhibiting at the Kunstmuseum Den Haag. His work on display includes a wonderful collection of sample glazes (below left), which in themselves become a work of art. These are part of his exploration of the glaze: he prefers to defy the laws of glazing, creating a tension between the form of the object and the glaze which covers it. Since 2006 Espersen has been applying his glazes to cylindrical forms, an anonymous shape, which does not distract and acts as a blank canvas. Just some of the work on display at the Kunstmuseum is a series of cylinders, uniform in size and only in monochrome colours, thereby focussing entirely on the underlying nuances of colour and texture. The glazes drip and creep over the surface, creating a kind of landscape with hills, bubbles, holes and trenches

Exploring the Normandy coast

After an early start off the night ferry to Caen, Normandy, the family and I arrived at Luc-sur-Mer, one of the Normandy landing beaches during the Second World War. The sun was just rising and patchy mist hung over the small settlements scattered along the coast, drifting inland and giving everything an ethereal, otherworldly feel. We stopped for breakfast, and spent quite some time exploring the beach and seafront. The faded beauty of the weathered buildings, all in the same muted creamy colours, shuttered and silent, coupled with the empty beaches at low tide was very memorable. A huge variety of shells littered the tideline: clams, oysters, mussels, whelks and more. Just sublime. I’m sure those colours will find their way into my work.

Until next time…

Thank you for your interest and support; I wish you all the very best and hope to see you again for my next blog in May. If you’d like to see more of my work and inspirations, I post regularly on Instagram @veronicapock and my work is available online at LiminalWEAVE on Etsy.

Weathered doors at Luc sur Mer
Weathered doorway on the seafront at Luc-sur-Mer, Normandy

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